Sunday, August 13, 2006

Retro Future - how your grandpa saw the year 2000

A very nice find for the sci-fi loving gentlemen, Retro Future offers a small collection of articles (24 to be exact), detailing a few of the dreams that people had in the past about our current times. You can take as example the 93,000 people that were on the Pan-Am waiting lists for flights to the Moon, the US Postmaster`s declaration that the time for mail carried by rockets had come, and so on.

Again, not a website to come back to very often, but a good way to spend half an hour and maybe bookmark.

My score:
Graphics: 3/5
Useful information: 4/5
Enjoyment factor: 3/5
Comunity: N/A

Final score: 3.34/5 (Worth visiting)

You can find them at

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